Respect women

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After all, what has happened to the people is their sister, sister is the sister of another, every day a new one girl’s body is scratched. This morning when I sat with the newspaper, oops again the same disgusting news

Even today, women have not gained complete independence, till when will women have to fight for their rights, how long will women have to live in fear, after all, women should do these questions ?????????? ?????????

Written by Saba Ansari…

Incomplete love

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कुछ मोहब्बत ज़मीन और आसमान की तरह होती हैं जो एक दूसरे को देख तो सकते हैं पर एक दूजे के कभी हो नहीं सकते।

Some love is like land and sky, which can see each other but can never belong to a couple.

Saba Ansari…

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Mujhe tu na dafnana

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Mayyat par meri agar tum ana

To laash ko meri na tum haath lgana

Agar dekhna ho to door se dekhna

Qabr tak meri na tum saath jana

Na tum mitti uthana or na mujh par dalna

Meri qabr se tum Chalis qadam door ho jana

Door se dekhna aur wapas chale jana

Mayyat par meri agar tum ana

To laash ko meri na tum haath lagana

Saba Ansari…

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Listen to your heart if you want to move forward

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Aksar log jab kuchh naya karna chahte hain to sab se pehle dil me ye khayal ata hai log kya kahenge to un logo se aur aise samaj se bas yahi kehna hai-

Na samjh kamjor tu mujhko

Me koi patang nhi

Jis ki dor tu kate

Aur me jamin par gir jaun

Mere hosle to

Samandar jitne hai

Jiski na to tum

Gehrai naap sakte ho

Aur na hi uska pani

Khatam kar sakte ho.

Do not understand me less

You do not have a kite in me

Which you cut the thread and fall on the ground

My courage is age much the sea

Whose death you cannot measure

Nar can you finish its water.

Saba Ansari…

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